It has only taken me, literally nine years to finally complete this web site. I have compiled every ounce of it myself and hope that you will see it develop into a resource and tool that helps in providing information to base your menu upon. All photography and design are my own, if anyone would like to use the photographs, please ask, its just good manners. I don't think I would ever refuse. If you take something and I become aware, see you in court, copyright laws are solid here in the UK.

This year we are going to develop into a very strong and focused food service company, we will endevour to encourage each chef / customer, to support the ethos of buy local and support your local grower / supplier.

With your support and feedback, we aim to offer you the absolute best produce that the North-West has to offer. Any ideas / suggestions are appreciated and as they say, "let the games begin". 


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